Superstitious Contraptions


Superstitions can dominate people’s lives. I have explored this by creating a number of objects that represent the rules and rituals that people follow throughout their lives and pass down to younger generations.


A collection of jewellery contraptions represent different superstitions that require a movement, for example throwing salt over your shoulder for good luck, crossing your fingers and saluting a magpie.


A second collection of work is a series of tools designed for myself in order to complete a number of superstitions that I have learnt from other cultures. Pinching your ear if you sneeze when death is mentioned, covering your belly button when there is a thunderstorm and not sweeping crumbs off a table into your hand.


The work aims to be playful and interactive, encouraging thoughts on the movements the superstitions ask of people.

Supersitious Contraptions on show at The University of Brighton Degree Show 2014.

Salt catapult to represent the movement of throwing salt over your left shoulder.


Gilding metal, silver, copper, wood and string. 2014. Photo Julian Komosa

Silver Project exhibition. The University of Brighton 2014.

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