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Wedding and Commitment Rings

Wedding rings play such an important role in the bringing together of two people; they are the physical thing that you will carry throughout your relationship and that significance is why I enjoy making them so much.

Fluid, simple, organic and handmade, the wedding rings I make reflect both my unique style and you as a couple. Please send me an email if you'd like to discuss wedding rings, I currently have a lead time of 8 months, but can normally work flexibly to stretch or shorten the window if needed.

Lennie Beare-red gold wavey1.jpg
Lennie Beare-yellow gold undulating_edited.jpg

18ct yellow gold ring with undulations polished to a high shine

Lennie Beare-red gold wavey2.JPG

9ct rose gold rings cut from the same piece of metal in a way that curves round V's engagment ring.


9ct white and yellow gold rings with a textured finish cut from one piece of metal means they share the same wobbly line, fitting together perfectly just as you do, but also being beautiful in their own right. 

I have worked with a number of metals including Sterling Silver, gold and platinum. Along with wedding rings I design and collaborate of unique jewellery to be worn on the wedding day; statement earrings or meaningful pendents, please email if you wouldd like to discuss ideas.

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