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Memory Triggers



Exploring the idea that a specific action you do reminds you of the same memory every time. Linking two events and two different times. The memory triggered could be a place or person, but is always the same every time the triggering action is completed.


These tools relate and link to each individual Memory Trigger. The tools are not necessarily meant to be used, but instead represent the events that are remembered.


This body of work won the Anna Maria Desogus Memorial Award in 2013. For more information on the award follow the link.


Knob of butter measurer - Every time I get a knob of butter when making a white sauce I think of asking my Dad how butter I needed and him saying, 'you can't have too much butter'. I then had the confusing dilemma as to whether he meant, 'you can't have too much butter or you'll ruin it' or 'you can't have too much butter, because butter is great, and you simply can’t have too much!'

Double ended spoon - Every time my Mother stirs porridge she thinks of her friend saying, 'you should always stir porridge with the handle of the wooden spoon, so you don't get savoury flavourings in the sweet porridge'.

T-shirt folder - Every time my sister folds her clothes she thinks of our Father doing an impression of her bad folding skills by grabbing a t-shirt, scrunching it up and chucking it on the floor saying, 'no Thea, you're doing it all wrong, you want to do it like this!'

Spatula - Every time our family friend gets a fried egg out of the pan she thinks of my Uncle getting the fried egg out with a dinner knife and carrying it across the kitchen to his plate.

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